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Emil Telmányi

Bow No.24
2015. december 24.
The VEGA BACH BOW designed by Emil Telmányi

The VEGA BACH BOW designed by Emil Telmányi

This special bow is the most exotic piece of our collection.

Emil Telmányi was a Hungarian violinist who settled down in Copenhagen in 1919. He constructed this bow there in cooperation with Knud Vestergaard, a Danish violin maker in 1949. Their intention was to use it for the authentic presentation of Bach’s pieces for solo violin.

The stick is significantly arched, and – like in modern bows – the tension of the hair can be adjusted with a screw which pulls back the frog. However, through a special mechanism the frog can be tipped towards the head with one movement, so the hair loosens and all the four strings can be played at the same time. When the musician tilts the frog back again it fastens and the hair becomes tight again.

In addition to being an interesting construction this bow is a beautiful piece of work.
The bow belonging to the Musem of Musical History is being presented at the exhibition in a freshly restored condition.

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