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Géza Molnár- A Hungarian bow collector

2016. február 26.
The Hungarian Bows of the Molnár collection

The Hungarian Bows of the Molnár collection


Géza Molnár was born in a well-off family, which lost its wealth during the deprivatization period. He was the violist of the State Operetta Theatre and at the same time established the most significant private collection of musical instruments and bows of the Kádár era. He was a jolly, kind and generous man. All members of the former workshop of the Music Academy regularly worked for him. After a tour abroad he often invited us to his home to treat us with foreign delicacies. Unfortunately he died far too early. He left us around 1993 to have a closer look what instruments the angels play above.

In 1992 I persuaded Gábor Szuhodovszky, one of the two final graduates of the Music Academy workshop to write his thesis on bow making. In connection with his thesis I borrowed the bows of Hungarian origin from Géza Molnár’s collection and I took my very first bow photos with the help of my friend Andreas Preuß. Unfortunately the photos of these nine bows weren’t of good quality, but they turned out to have irreplaceable value because with the exception of the two bows donated by Pál Rácz to our collection (one by Antal Klier, the other by Lajos Köhler) they all have been lost.

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