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Hungarian bows of the Molnár-Collection: ANTAL KLIER

2016. marcius 04.

This is the second bow by Antal Klier from the Molnár Collection. It is very similar to its ’brother’, it was almost in a ’virgin’ state without any damage when we took photos of it. The stick is made of pernambucco, the frog is of ebony with silver settings. The head is a bit unique, the special ring makes the frog very interesting – the pearl eye is surrounded by a very thin silver ring. The master drilled the place of the pearl eye and the ring at the same time with a special drill, the ring was only bent, it was not soldered. It is very attractive, I haven’t seen this finishing on any other bows yet. A special characteristic is that he burnt the letters of his stamp one by one – the letter E stands out from the others.

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