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2015. december 8.


1973 - Born in Budapest.

1992 - Learnt violin making from Károly Tóth and bow making from Sándor Radics in their workshop in Sashalom.

1993 (From second half) - Spent nine months working for Josef Fedra in Hague.

1994 - Gained his diploma while working for Alexander Miholics in Belgium.

He spent periods of internship at the bow making workshop of Kent John Rosenstein in Amsterdam.

1995 - Returned to Budapest and was employed as the workshop manager of István Farkas’s workshop in Népszínház utca.

1997-99 - Worked as the workshop manager of the Ideal musical instrument shop in Seul and later of Mari Company in Daejeon, Korea. Primarily he was a bow maker and also constructed violins.

1999-2001 - Ran his own workshop in Budapest.

2001-2002 - Returned to Korea.

2002-2007 - Commuted between Budapest and the Czech Republic, mainly making bows added to some musical instrument repairs.

2012 - Worked in New York.

2013 - Worked in London for Bridgewood&Neumann and later as a freelancer.

2014 to date - Working in his workshop in Mária utca, Budapest.


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