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László Lakatos

2015. december 6.
László Lakatos is bending a bow stick

László Lakatos is bending a bow stick


1962 - Born in Szabadka.

1982 - Started making musical instruments.

1982-1992 - Regularly consulted with Lajos Dudás, musical instrument maker in Szabadka.

1992-1996 - Worked for Accord workshop in Budapest lead by István Bogsütz and László Juharos. Colleagues:Judith Moser and László Nemessányi.

Apprentices: Bence Holló, István Molnár, László Hurguly, György Kúti and Gábor Draskóczy.

1997-2003 - Worked independently at Tibor Semmelweis’s workshop in Zugligeti utca.

Apprentices: Ivány Adonyi and Zoltán Horváth.

Manager of the Open Workshop programme at Millenaris for a year and a half.

2003-2011 Worked in Baja in his workshop.

2007 to date - Cooperating with Tibor Juhos, owner of Rosé Music Store and Workshop.

Apprentices: Gabriella Búzás and János Gruber.

2012 - Moved back to Budapest.

László Lakatos is a knowledgeable and versatile craftsman, one of his many interests is historic bowmaking. He believes most of his expertise about bow making comes from Bernd Etzler.


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