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Violinmaker István Schneider also made bows

2015. november 24.
Károly Gáspár

Károly Gáspár

I visited Károly Gáspár in his workshop in Budapest to make the interview for his biography and he told me that violinmaker István Schneider also made bows.


1943 – Born in Várpalota.

1960 – Started working for HANGSZÖV in Budapest as a trained worker. Also studied brass instrument making from János Gruber then.

1965 – Gained his professional certificate as brass instrument maker.

1969 – Worked for HANGSZÖV in József körút (from 1970 known as KOZMOSZ)

1972 – Gained his master’s certificate of violin making in the workshop of Pál Sáránszky.

1974 – Opened his own workshop where he only focused on stringed and plucked musical instruments.

He also constructed bows.

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