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Lajos Kónya

2015. november 25.
Lajos Kónya

Lajos Kónya


1948 – Born in Tatabánya. Learnt both violin making and photography from his father.

1968~ Took up wood carving, then constructed folk music instruments. Being encouraged by his father he started to work with stringed instruments.

1969 – Opened his studio.

1981 – Gained his vocational certificate as a musical instrument maker.

1983 – Opened his own workshop in Tatabánya.

1987 – Obtained his master’s certificate.

1989-2004 – Constructed altogether some 50-60 bows exclusively for violin.

1990 to date – Making his own instruments in his workshop in Dózsakert út, Tatabánya. He received several prizes and awards for his work.

Apprentices: Lajos Kónya, Jr, Szilárd Benkő and Dániel Rácz.


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